How we can help:


How we can Help

Clients use our extensive facilitation experience to align the leadership team around their strategic business agenda.

We have extensive facilitation experience at board level to help executives align around:

  • Vision (re-create a shared vision of the business in the future)
  • Strategy (build a brand, business unit, divisional or corporate strategy with real involvement from the team)
  • Strategy into Action (planning resources and assigning accountabilities)
  • Transformation (definition of end in mind, targets, plus operating model)

    The right approach is always agreed with CEO/business unit leader, and customised to the client’s context and need.

    Our director Peter Nash has over 15 years experience in blue chip management consulting at The Boston Consulting Group and lately as a Partner at Accenture.

    He is an expert facilitator of strategic meetings, and not just in strategy. His extensive experience includes facilitating Transformation Steering Group, PMO, Strategy into Action, as well as many board meetings to define Vision & Strategy over the course of defining 25 commercial strategies.

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