Planning Consulting Credentials, Peter Nash


Peter has over 15 years experience in blue chip management consulting at The
Boston Consulting Group and lately as a Partner at Accenture. He has
extensive experience of Planning and Strategy Into Action. He is an expert
facilitator of planning and strategy into action meetings.

Case Study: Planning to implement
major operating model changes

Three Year Acceleration of Operating Model Rollout

Major back office redesign implemented across Europe

CEO “Essential activity to unlock potential and accelerate growth”

  • Context: One year into European One Client transformation journey; functional transformation plans formulated but not yet integrated; major risk from unmanaged interdependencies
  • Initial intervention: Two day integrated plan review across all six major back office programmes, including procurement, supply chain, IT, finance
  • Ongoing intervention: Set up monthly cross programme coordination meeting to manage interdependencies, and dynamically update programme. Later extended to front office programmes including sales and CRM.
  • Result: acceleration of original operating model rollout, with 3 year reduction (from 6 years) and requiring important interventions in ERP and IT. Overall, the revised programme delivered over Euro 500m of savings, ahead of target; transformed business model achieving higher growth and profits

Planning: Transformation Programme Management examples

  • Europe wide Consumer Goods Transformation which delivered Euro 500million savings.
  • Alignment of six major back office programmes (two day workshop to compare plans and check interdependencies; functional leaders joined by CFO). Result: major corrective interventions in transformation phasing (including country sequencing), IT (outsourcing), Supply Chain.
  • Design and facilitation of monthly coordination meetings covering all back office and front office programmes to ensure ongoing alignment

Planning: Strategy into Action examples

  • Central European Region Strategy into action. Three day meeting in Russia. Alignment of regional leadership team across Russia, Poland, CR-SR, Hungary.
  • Global Divisional Consulting Strategy Into Action. $4bn division. Defined across two day long board meetings in London and Boston. Result: now #1 division in global company.
  • Country Strategy into Action. Three day offsite in Iceland, aligning guiding coalition of German business.
  • Country Strategy Into Action. Two day meeting, aligning 25 people.

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