Leadership Consulting Credentials, Peter Nash

Leadership Alignment

Our director Peter Nash has over 15 years experience in blue chip management consulting at The Boston Consulting Group and lately as a Partner at Accenture.

Peter is an expert facilitator of strategic meetings. These can be broadly grouped into two types, strategy and transformation:

  1. Align your top people to your strategy, with a focus on Vision and Strategy definition
  2. Grow and transform your business, with a focus on Steering Group Meetings to define and set the transformation agenda, and PMO meetings to guide the implementation agenda.

Case Study: Align your top
people to your strategy
Exalt: Europe simplifies model and delivers Euro 500 million of savings
Case Study: Grow and
Transform your Business

Consulting leadership delivers growth

Ambitious Targets delivered. Now number one division

CEO “Foot in tomorrow strategy has been delivered”

“One Client” Transformation Steering Group

New European Business Model defined to deliver Euro 500m savings

CEO “Foot in tomorrow strategy has been delivered”

  • Context $4bn division in leading global business services leader; ambitious business leadership looking to accelerate growth of business
  • Leadership group: CEO and Board
    of the Division
  • Value Levers: :
    • Client: agreed target new billion dollar clients
    • Growth platform: agreed priorities in consulting, systems, applications to drive billion dollar agenda
    • Industry: billion dollar focus on business process outsourcing against specific industries
    • Geo: focus on China, India, Mexico, Russia
    • New business: 4 ventures prioritised
  • Results: accelerated growth to become number #1 division with higher profitability
  • Context European business is losing market share; fragmented businesses with history of change resistance; business leadership requires urgent intervention to reverse declining profits.
  • Leadership group: European Steering Group consisting of 4 Divisional Presidents and Transformation Leader
  • Value Levers:
    • Simplification targets cascaded by function and country
    • Simplification through move from 100 operating companies to 20 country businesses
    • Cost reduction across countries and functions to deliver target savings
    • Back office programme alignment
  • Results: 500m of savings delivered, ahead of target; transformed business model achieving higher growth and profits

Leadership Alignment:
Strategic examples
  1. Country Vision & Strategy (5 day residential workshop to define full country strategy, achieving full alignment of the top 10 team). Changed the client approach to strategy definition, shift to the short intense model.
  2. Two day key account plan and strategy definition. Strategic account planning process competed with client, and with business customer.
  3. European Food Category (market leader). Developed vision and strategy for transformation; aligned top-200 leaders over three conferences. Result: Twenty years of decline reversed, growth of category.
  4. German Foodservice. Annual conference. Leadership meeting for top 50 on day 1; top 300 on day 2 and 3.
  5. Foods Service European Board Alignment. European Innovation programme. Maintained and strengthened #1 position of the business.

Leadership Alignment:
Transformation examples
  1. Europe wide Consumer Goods Transformation which delivered Euro 500 million savings.
  2. 12 steering group meetings with four regional presidents. Set the agenda for first 9 months of the transformation journey. Cascaded the agenda across 20 countries and all functions in Europe.
  3. Functional operating model design meetings for Europe.
  4. Overall Regional Operating model design meetings.

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