The opportunity:

Align the top team to focus energy on profitable growth

Exalt: Transform the Business Model
At the heart of successful business change is the need to form a powerful guiding coalition, ie, to build a group with power to lead change. This group needs to be nurtured to work together as team. The guiding coalition works at board and operational levels and builds the necessary momentum for change.

Increasing alignment within the leadership group empowers your people to achieve more, and leads to more profit and more growth.

Aligning light waves in a laser produces an intense beam of light which can travel great distance or burn through sheet steel and other obstacles. So in business, aligning a leadership team around a common goal, combined with clarity for each individual on their role, releases enormous positive energy. Dissipated energy (heat, friction) is converted into positive energy (light, focus, power) to achieve the business goals. Internal debates become more focused upon the market, including how to create new markets and how to gain market share.

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